1 Recent developments in theory of economics
2 Recent developments in theory of management
3 Recent developments in theory of politics
4 Financial crisis and crisis management
5 Recent political and economic issues
6 Political science and political institutions
7 Contemporary management techniques
8 Relations between politics and economics
9 Theory of politics and political issues
10 Current political issues
11 Management models
12 Applied economics
13 Management and ethics
14 Politics and ethics
15 International economic institutions and organizations
16 Stability programs
17 Globalization
18 Research on corruption and degeneration
19 Unemployment and problems of employment
20 Monetary policy and central banking
21 Banking and financial institutions
22 Insurance
23 Migration
24 Sectoral structure and analysis
25 Capital movements and direct foreign capital investments
26 Theory of public finance and fiscal policy
27 Borrowing
28 Theory and policy of taxation
29 Economics of transportation and carriage
30 Urbanization and urban transformation
31 Urban identity and urban esthetics
32 Sustainable development
33 Economics of energy and energy politics
34 Economics of education and gender inequality in education
35 Education of gifted children
36 Crime and violence
37 Economics of health
38 Health tourism
39 Presidential system (in theory and in practice)
40 Economics of technology
41 New economic and human capital
42 History of economics
43 History of Ottoman and European economics
44 Theoretical and current issues in Islam economics
45 Islamic finance and participation banking
46 Economic, social and political relations between Islamic countries
47 Non-Governmental Organizations
48 Local government and municipalities
49 Problems of production, finance and management in SMEs
50 Environmental economics and environmental problems
51 Sustainable development
52 Management and organization
53 European Union
54 Production management and marketing
55 Human resources economics and management
56 Public relations
57 Accounting and finance management
58 Statistical and econometrical methods
59 Defense economics and defense expenditures
60 Economics of media
61 International economic and political institutions